What’s the best time to visit Raleigh-Durham?

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The best time to visit Raleigh-Durham is definitely in the fall and spring, when the humidity isn’t raging and the landscape pops with color. During the warmer spring months, the North Carolina state trees, the dogwood, are in full bloom, covering the land as far as you can see; not to mention, the daffodils spring up all over the place. You can also catch the city’s minor league baseball team, the Durham Bulls, who helped make Kevin Costner famous before Field of Dreams in the film Bull Durham. As long as the weather is nice and the humidity is light, snag a table on one of the city’s various restaurant patios for a delicious Southern meal.

If you’re lucky enough to visit in October, you’ll want to make haste to the North Carolina Fair, which has been delighting pint-sized visitors for nearly 150 years. In the fall, summer-weary locals flock to outdoor attractions such as Umstead State Park and Eno River State Park to enjoy the foliage colors that not even Monet could create — and the Carolina Blue sky makes quite the backdrop.

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the basketball teams that play in Raleigh-Durham throughout the winter. Home to Duke, UNC and NC State, Raleigh-Durham has more than its fair share of amazing, can’t-miss basketball games. Don’t forget, Duke won the 2010 NCAA Championship and Michael Jordan considers himself a Tarheel for life. There must be something to the hoops down in Carolina.

Natalie Wearstler

I personally think that fall is the best time to visit Raleigh-Durham. The air is crisp, leaves are changing colors all around the city and the weather is just right — not quite chilly enough (yet) to necessitate a heavy winter coat, but cool enough to wear your favorite sweaters and boots comfortably. It's a beautiful time of year to get out and explore the city on two wheels with a Triangle Glides segway tour or swing by the North Carolina Museum of Art to take in the collection of outdoor sculptures and works of art as you stroll along more than a mile of paved and unpaved walking paths outside of the museum's main buildings. You could also museum hop through Downtown, as several of the city's most popular cultural outposts are clustered together in a walkable radius.

Theresa Chiettini

Spring and fall are the best times to visit the area. The weather is comfortable, and you can experience the beautiful colors either season has to offer.

Jim Beley

Our area is truly beautiful year-round. All four seasons are temperate, save for summer, which can sometimes get a little warm! Fall brings a gorgeous show of color and lots of outdoor activities, including the North Carolina State Fair. Winter is chilly with only an occasional snow. Spring perhaps is the most vibrant, with budding dogwoods and azaleas — the perfect time for a stroll in nearby Umstead State Park or the Duke Gardens. Summer invites you to enjoy the local lakes, including the expansive Lake Jordan and Falls Lake.

Spring is when you get all of the new ingredients — it’s just a fun time in terms of food. It’s also great weather-wise because it’s so hot here in the summer that spring is just a really nice time. It’s so green here — things change overnight, between the leaves and the flowers. The gardens at Fearrington Village are beautiful. It’s just a really cool place in general, and in spring it’s great.

In the fall, it’s finally bearable and cooling down. Then you can flip into the comfort food. You’ve gone through two seasons of lighter, more refined, elegant ingredients, and then you can get into some robust and braised meats in the fall. I love the smell of fall, too.

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