Wing Lei Palace

Dine inside a lavish Chinese mansion

The Cotai Strip in Macau has earned a reputation for lavish hotels and opulent dining experiences, but Wing Lei Palace takes it to the next level. A feast for the senses, this majestic restaurant inside Wynn Palace brings you on a gustatory journey in the setting of a larger-than-life Chinese mansion.

Meaning “Wynn” in Cantonese, Wing Lei invites you into a gilded wonderland. Down the champagne-hued hallway, billowing green drapes are tucked off to the side, framing a soaring door where oversized gold vases and thousands of fuchsia petals stand at attention.

Designed like a theater, the restaurant is set on different levels, and with most tables positioned to face the panoramic glass façade, the eight-acre Performance Lake’s water and light show can be enjoyed every 20 minutes after 7 p.m.

The smell of freshly brewed teas and rich barbecued pork fills the air as you find your way to an elegant white-clothed table. Now you’re in the dominion of Wing Lei’s classically trained chefs, who craft fine-dining Cantonese cuisine fit for celebrities and VIPs.

Our Inspector's Highlights

  • Embracing Macau’s reputation as China’s glitziest enclave, Wing Lei Palace is opulent yet stylish, featuring gold hues, pops of pink, regal emerald-green accents and swirling dragon motifs.
  • A popular choice for both dim sum and dinner, the menu revolves around classic Cantonese cuisine, such as barbecued suckling pig, braised fish and wok-fried sliced duck.
  • The Macau restaurant employs dedicated tea sommelier Jacky Zhao, who curates a unique menu of more than 50 specialty teas. Enthusiastic and encyclopedic, the passionate sommelier will not only suggest pairings, but will also take the time to explain the subtle nuances and backstories of each blend.
  • If you’re curious about pairing wine with Chinese cuisine, this is the place to try it. Wing Lei Palace’s sommelier knows which dishes to couple with a light pinot noir or a more full-bodied accomplice.
  • An evening at Wing Lei Palace is best capped off with an après-dinner cocktail at Wing Lei Bar next door, where you’ll find top-notch wines, bubbly and signature sips like the Wing Lei Royale.

Things to Know

  • As Wing Lei Palace is among the most elegant restaurants in Macau, we’d recommend dressing for the occasion. The restaurant has a casual elegant dress code, meaning no hats, sleeveless tops or open-toed shoes.
  • On weekends especially, you will need a reservation to ensure a seat during dim sum. The concierge can help arrange a table with a great view of the Performance Lake.
  • Seasonality drives the menu at Wing Lei Palace, which means that the dishes will change over the course of the year.
  • The menu leans heavily toward seafood, pork and chicken; however, there are quite a few vegetarian options. Those with plant-based diets will appreciate the decadent tofu sheets rolled with vegetables and black truffle paste and the sautéed lotus root with bean vermicelli.

The Food
  • As a warm welcome to Wing Lei Palace, each visit begins with tea to refresh the palate. You’ll know the meal has concluded when the servers deliver a traditional digestive tea, meant to ease any feelings of overdoing it.
  • Expect a fine-dining Chinese experience, complete with a prix fixe menu come dinnertime. The signature six-course set menu includes a selection of barbecue black pork with honey, deep-fried cod with spicy taro curd, double-boiled fish maw (a Cantonese delicacy) soup, wok-fried wagyu beef and more.
  • During the day, dim sum is a slightly more casual affair where you'll taste refined versions of classics, such as roasted pork belly, steamed shrimp dumplings, roasted goose puffs, pan-fried sesame pancakes and oozy custard buns with cocoa dust.
  • Adventurous eaters might try a highly traditional delicacy: braised imperial bird’s nest. Made from the saliva of swiftlet birds, this dish is said to be full of collagen and beneficial for skin, health and fertility.
  • Among the more than 50 premium teas, we’d recommend the 15- and 30-year-aged pu’er blends. These earthy, fermented black teas will cut through the richness of dishes such as char siu (barbecue pork), tea-smoked chicken or Peking duck.

The Design

  • As you’d expect from a Wynn resort, no expense has been spared when it comes to the dramatic, enchanting décor. The entranceway alone features more than 5,280 flowers — a mix of roses, hydrangeas, orchids and exotic blooms.
  • The three-tiered dining room takes its cues from European opera houses, with the Performance Lake taking center stage.
  • The color scheme channels that of a Chinese jewelry box — emerald green, brilliant pink sapphires and lots and lots of gold.
  • A mystical dragon motif, considered powerful and lucky in Chinese culture, makes its way into the elaborate ceiling artwork.

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