What are the best Richmond museums?

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Richmond, as a whole, almost comprises a number of museums on its own; with so many historical buildings around town, you’d be hard-pressed to learn all there is about the Confederacy’s original capital in just a day. But that sells the city short; art lovers have a few things to see in Richmond as well. If you happen to be an art aficionado, don’t miss the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. As the first state-supported art museum in the nation, this ’Mini-Met’ features exhibits of Fabergé, the works of Sean Scully and John Walker, and countless other works of historical and American art.

For the historian in you, the Museum of the Confederacy is a must see. This museum contains the largest record of Confederacy artifacts, as well as tours that guide you through Jefferson Davis’ headquarters during the Civil War, the White House of the Confederacy. You won’t be able to help being sucked into the rich history Richmond puts on display.

Holding that history note: The Hollywood Cemetery, located atop a bluff overlooking the James River, contains the final resting places of presidents James Monroe and John Tyler, as well as those of Jefferson Davis and more than 18,000 Confederate soldiers. As is often the case with graveyards, ghost stories and legends abound, and taking a tour on a chilly morning will make you feel as if you’re not just learning about history — but experiencing it for yourself.

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