What is Richmond’s restaurant scene like?

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With over 200,000 people in the city proper and more than 1.2 million in the metropolitan area, Richmond can’t help but have an abundance of watering holes. Hundreds of restaurants feature everything from traditional southern cuisine to Indian food. A prime location off the Chesapeake Bay gives Richmond and its restaurants access to terrific local and fresh seafood, as well as to produce from local farmers. You might have to dodge a few historic sites on the way, but you’ll be able to find something different every night of the week in Richmond’s restaurant scene. Whether you’re looking for a place that suits you and the kids, or if you just want to have a candlelight, fondue dinner with your sweetheart, you won’t have to look far to find the right restaurant in Richmond.

Jeanita Harris

Richmond’s restaurant scene can best be described as diverse and dynamic. The city offers more than 900 restaurants with a large concentration of locally owned establishments in the neighborhoods of downtown Richmond. The cuisine ranges from traditional and contemporary Southern to upscale French to burgers and BBQ. A diverse range of international cuisines, from African to Vietnamese, can also be found in the emerging community of ethnic restaurants.
For visitors who prefer more familiar chain restaurants, such well-known chains as Morton’s, Ruth’s Chris, Fleming’s and P.F. Chang’s are available, along with a host of other fast food and quick-service options.
Of course, Lemaire and TJ’s at The Jefferson are always at the top of our list of recommendations but please allow us to assist with your selections should you wish to venture out for dinner during your stay.

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