What are the best beaches near Rome?

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Angela Corrias

Near Rome there are many beaches, as the region boasts a long coastline. Some of the most popular, probably because they are the nearest ones to the city, are Ostia Lido and Fregene, all easy to reach by train and bus. However, even though packed with both locals and tourists, they are hardly the best in the area.

A great place to enjoy a sandy beach and crystal waters is Anzio, where history lovers will have the chance to visit som important archaeological sites and Roman ruins of the area, such as Nero's luxurious residence. Among the beaches in Anzio, three are definitely worth a stop: Spiaggia delle Grotte di Nerone (Nero's Caves Beach), where is Nero's villa, Spiaggia Lido del Giglio and Spiaggia Tor Caldara, both boasting sandy dunes and lapped by crystal waters, giving visitors the chance to see local flora and fauna and even ancient remains on the seabed.

Not very close to Rome but still in the region are other beaches famous for being truly beautiful, such as Sperlonga, where however most beaches are private so it's necessary to pay a fee to enter the resort, and Sabaudia, where apart from a great beach tourists can visit the lovely city, the lakes nearby and spend some day out exploring the Circeo Park, headland where you can have a full immersion in nature and history.

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