What are the best kid-friendly restaurants in Rome?

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Erica Firpo

"What are the best kid-friendly restaurants?" is perhaps my favorite question to answer regarding Rome's dining scene because (almost) every restaurant in Rome happily accommodates children.  Italy is a very child-friendly country and dining with children is part of daily life so it is not unusual to see big and small children out to dinner until the late hours.  Children in Rome are definitely seen and heard, so let your little one enjoy him or herself.  For those with dietary, though it is rare to see a “child’s menu” in Rome, you can always ask for mezzo porzione (half portion) of any pastas. Likewise, waitstaff will not blink an eye if you order off menu for simpler dishes such as pasta bianca (butter and parmesan) and pasta rossa (tomato sauce)- both favorites among the toddler set.

For fun restaurants that will definitely leave a lasting impression on kids, the Trastevere area seems to have the cache. Taverna Trilussa, a local haunt with very abundant and Roman menu, mixes its pastas in parmesan and pecorino rounds or serves its concoctions in the large pans used to cook the dishes.  In the quieter side of Trastevere (closer to the Tiber river) Roma Sparita sits in Piazza Santa Cecilia, often good for a bit of supervised running around while waiting for the caciopepe- a pasta with pecorino cheese and pepper in an edible pecorino bowl.

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