What are the best vegan restaurants in Rome?

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Angela Corrias

Rather than strictly vegan places, in Rome you can find vegetarian restaurants that offer vegan options, often with a very good selection of egg- and milk-free dishes.

One of the places where I have found the widest choice of vegan dishes is Ops, buffet-style eatery in 56 Via Bergamo, near Piazza Fiume. Here, apart from a seldom use of milk-based butter, yogurt and cheese, most of the times you can find dishes prepared with tofu, seitan (wheat-based product often used as a replacement for meat in vegetarian recipes) and vegetable milk.

Vegans will also find plenty of dishes suitable to their diet at L'Insalatiera, Taverna Vegetariana, in Ottaviano area, 94 Via Trionfale, a stone's throw away from the Vatican City. Here the menu is really half-vegetarian (so with dishes made using milk and eggs) and half-vegan. Among the vegan dishes are curry cous cous with veggies, spelt with pan-fried veggies, eggplant balls with potatoes and tofu alla pizzaiola (tofu with tomato, olives and capers).

Also at Bibliothè, Indian-inspired restaurant in the city center (4 Via Celsa), most dishes are egg-free according to the Hindu tradition, but some are made using milk and the typical Indian fresh cheese, paneer.

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