What is the best thing to bring home from Rome?

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The best thing to bring home from Rome is something handcrafted by one of Rome’s many artisans. There isn’t any one must-have in the Italian city; instead, you can find everything from handcrafted leather (like a purse, passport holder or wallet) to handmade mosaics, jewelry and clothing. Regardless of the item, if you buy it from a true artisan, you can meet the person who made it and even work with them to craft exactly what you want (depending on how much time you have). Don’t forget to negotiate — you can often score a good deal with the right artisan.

Erica Firpo

The best thing to bring back from Rome is a story- whether it is about someone you meet or an amazing experience.  Rome is a city of storytelling, no wonder it was the favorite protagonist for Federico Fellini, PierPaolo Pasolini and even Woody Allen.  If you must squeeze a memory into a suitcase, make sure it is homegrown. Though local artisans are few and far between, you can still find some here from mosaic makers to food artists, painters to clothing designers.  And with each, stop to learn their tale because whether it is a hand-made hand bag, bespoke shoes or a painting, each comes with a story to be shared.

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