What are the best kids’ activities in Salt Lake City?

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Susan Kime
Clark Planetarium Exterior/Courtesy Clark Planetarium

The fact is, Salt Lake City is one of the most child-friendly cities on Earth.  The activities described below are all those my children loved.  These places provide activities where children can learn while they play, and, as regards Taffy Town, well, they can learn the history, as well as how to make (and eat) Saltwater Taffy.  The best of all possible worlds!

The Hogle Zoo
This Zoo has been in Salt Lake since 1931, and is at the mouth of historic Emigration Canyon. It covers 42 acres, and has more than 800 animals.  The Zoo's most memorable exhibits are the Elephant Encounter, the Zoo Train and the Conservation Carousel. Their Primate collection is impressive also.

The Leonardo
The Leonardo is a contemporary science/technology museum that explores the connections between science, technology and art, all the while making these connections interesting and relevant to kids. Located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, The Leo is a great place for kids to see one-of-a-kind, interactive exhibits and participate in programs, workshops, and classes.  Recent exhibits include Mummies Of The World, and the Science And Art Of Soapmaking.

The Clark Planetarium
This planetarium is a great educational experience for kids — it has many hands-on displays and educational exhibits, but a very unique thing is the Lunar Gravity Simulator, which starts with a 10-minute lesson followed by three minutes of gravity defiance (for kids of all ages up to 250 pounds). There are telescopes than can be tried out, the Hubble Spacecraft can be learned about and the kids can walk on simulated displays of Mars and the Moon. Also, on interactive computers you can test knowledge of outer space. However, the two main attractions are the Planetarium and the IMAX shows. The IMAX films are shown on a screen that is five stories high, with 3D imagery.

Taffy Town
Large, colorful letters let kids and family know they have indeed arrived at the Taffy Town factory store. The Glade family has been in business of making salt water taffy since the turn of the century. There is an interesting, partially animated video that kids can see about how this candy is actually made.  And there are free samples to be had, in truly unique flavors and designs.

Lagoon is a large amusement park about 15 miles north of Salt Lake City near the town of Farmington. Lagoon has a lot of history, as it is been operating since 1896; the carousel since 1906, and the wooden roller coaster since 1921.  Spread over six acres, it has everything from classic children's waterpark rides, as well as tube rafting and water slides. There are also serious roller coasters, plus many arcade games and food vendors. There is also a replica Pioneer Village, and often there is live music in the pavilions and in the Lagoon Opera House.

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