What is the best thing to bring home from Salzburg?

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Joseph Reaney

From music to Mozartkugeln, here are our Forbes Travel Guide editors’ five favorite things to bring home from Salzburg:
1. Mozart’s music. It’s impossible to spend any time in Salzburg without gaining a greater appreciation for the work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, so something bearing his name always makes a good souvenir. Look past the tacky teddy bears and sickly chocolate liqueurs and instead take home some sheet music.
2. Traditional costume. You may find little practical use for them back home, but Salzburg’s traditional costumes are unique items that will always remind you of your visit. Pop into local stores to pick up a flowing dirndl dress or smart walkjanker top.
3. Huetschenreuter Bell. This traditional porcelain bell has been made for centuries, and every year there is a brand new design for Salzburgerland — that means you won’t just get a lovely souvenir, but also an everlasting reminder of exactly when you were last in Salzburg.
4. Mozartkugeln. In English this means “Mozart balls,” which are delicious marzipan-and-chocolate confections that are just waiting to be packaged up and taken home.
5. Swarovski diamonds. The famed jewelry company originated just a little ways west of the city, so one of its gems makes for a sparkling local souvenir.

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