Are there any walking food tours in San Diego?

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Julia Weiler

If you’re looking to sample some delicious diversity in San Diego then dust off your stretchy pants and get ready to stroll the streets for sustenance with Dishcrawl.  The fun and flavorful foodie forray explores a new neighborhood with each new tasting tour.  No two are ever alike, and organizers throw in an element of surprise by keeping the restaurants a secret from participants.  48 hours prior to the event, the name and location of the first restaurant is revealed via email while the other venues remain a mystery.

On the appointed evening Dishcrawl guests gather at the initial meet and eat location for their first taste of the night.  They then follow their Dishcrawl ambassador on a guided gastronomic adventure similar to a progressive dinner.  During the tour participants get to sip, sample, and savor local food specialties and enjoy the opportunity to mingle with San Diego chefs, restaurateurs, regional food producers, and fellow food enthusiasts.  Dishcrawl is a great way to explore a nieghborhood's eateries, just be sure to come hungry.  Elastic waistbands and comfy shoes plus. 

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