What is the weather like right now in San Diego?

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Julia Weiler

It’s hard to beat San Diego’s beautiful weather, especially during the long, luminous days of summer.  Solstice ushers in plenty of sizzling sunshine and chases away the last traces of coastal fog known to locals as "May grey" and “June gloom.”   This along with warmer temperatures – both on land and in the sea – makes summer the perfect time of year to hit the beach.  Turf temperatures reach the mid 70’s in July then climb to 80 or so in August and early September.  Meanwhile, the surf warms up to the mid 70’s.

Although I surf year-round, summer is my favorite time to hit the breaks.  I trade out my full wetsuit, gloves, and booties for a simple lightweight spring suit, and I can stay in the water all day without catching a chill (even if I’m not catching tons of waves).   For those who want to learn how to ride the rollers, this is the season to do so.  Lifeguards are on duty, surf camps are in full swing, and the board shops are stocked with sticks you can rent by the day or the week.  

The beaches attract thousands of visitors in July and August, so whether you plan to play in the waves or just relax on the sand, be sure to get to your strand early.  Prime spots fill up quickly, and if you want to snag a picnic area, hitch your volleyball net, or score a spot around a fire pit then plan to arrive in the morning while everyone else is still at breakfast.   Don’t forget to bring some portable shade and plenty of sunblock.  Summer is San Diego’s sunniest season so you’ll be catching plenty of golden rays.

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