What’s the best time to visit San Diego?

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With a year-round average daily temperature of 70.5 F, there really is no bad time to visit San Diego — it boasts the best weather in the country, making it a vacationer’s paradise. With day after day of continuous sunshine, locals often joke about San Diego meteorologists having the most boring job in the world, as the weather is either perfect or nearly perfect. Though you may want to avoid what locals call "May gray" and "June gloom," when the skies are more overcast than the city’s other sun-drenched 10 months of the year. If you want a beach vacation, the water is at its warmest from June through early September; the rest of the time, you'll likely need a wetsuit if you want to surf or do stand-up paddleboarding. You’ll notice cool temperatures in late spring and early summer in America's Finest City, but if you’re coming from a humid climate, a trip to San Diego during this time might be just what you were dreaming of.

Julia Weiler

Blessed with nearly year-round sunshine, San Diego is an ideal destination no matter the season, but each has its own appeal.

Summers in San Diego bring longer, warmer days perfect for spending time on the beach.  Water temps rise to the low 70’s while the sun heats the air to the toasty 80’s.  The sand can get hot and the coastline quite crowded but it’s still the best time to soak up So Cal’s sizzling rays.  It’s also the ideal time to enjoy San Diego resorts.  The pools are open with expanded services and amenities and special summertime events are in full swing.

Autumn on the other hand is known as serenity season.  Kids go back to school, tourist attractions quiet down and the resorts and beaches feel much more private.  While some resorts close their smaller pools and limit poolside services, lower rack rates and greater room availability make it easy to extend your stay.  It’s also an ideal time to spend the day hiking San Diego’s amazing canyons.  Meanwhile, the cooler nights are perfect for roasting s'mores around San Diego’s plentiful beach bonfire rings.

Winters in San Diego are warm, gentle and highlighted by festive holiday celebrations.  The resorts are beautifully lit with twinkle lights, parties are in full swing and special events abound.  At the Hotel Del Coronado, families can take part in a truly unique experience when the resort transforms its Windsor Lawn into an spectacular ice rink for skating by the sea.  If you plan to be here over Thanksgiving or Christmas be sure to book ahead.

Spring in San Diego brings a phenomenon known as May gray and June gloom to coastal towns.  While daytime temperatures remain warm, a heavy marine layer often sits over the beaches.  While it usually burns off for a few hours each day it can be tricky to truly enjoy time on the sand.  This is a great time to explore San Diego’s interior.  Inland resorts enjoy clear sunny days and offer popular outdoor pastimes such as swimming, golf and tennis.

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