What are the best Italian restaurants in San Francisco?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

One of my favorite restaurants is SPQR. I love this place, Matt Accarrino is the chef and Shelley Lindgren is the wine director. That's absolutely one of my favorite restaurants. I think Matt makes the best pasta in the city. I've spent some time with their pasta maker too. I love that. It's amazing what they do with that little teeny prep space.
I must be obsessed with pasta and pizza and Italian foods these days because my other favorite restaurant that I really like is Tony's Pizza in North Beach. It sounds like some generic pizza place but Tony Gemignani is like this world champion pizza thrower. He knows how to do all those acrobatics and stuff, but he also is the first American to win the Naples pizza throwing contest. Actually he's from Castro Valley in California. He takes it so seriously — the guy has like five different pizza ovens, different kinds of pizza ovens to make different styles of pizza. It's unbelievable. You think, 'what in the world?' The place is so cool. They have a great bar and the pizzas are completely standout. He brings in different flours and olive oils. They have different kinds of tomatoes from Italy for different styles of pizza. He'll do like a New York pie in a coal oven; then he does the Napolitano style in a brick oven that came from Naples, with wood and then he's got all these different American regional pies, too, and they're all totally different. And I'm not just talking about the toppings, I'm talking like the execution of everything.

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