What are the best places for brunch in San Francisco?

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It’s in Oakland, but Camino Restaurant is awesome for brunch. There’s a little place called Bar Jules, a really cute neighborhood place that I go almost every week. My place [Bar Agricole] is great for brunch, honestly. I ate there yesterday. I go to brunch probably three times a month, at least. I sleep until noon and go and eat.

Another thing I do on Sundays is go get dim sum at Yank Sing, which is this massive place — some people might say it’s not the best dim sum there is — but it’s dim sum and it’s really fun.

Foreign Cinema is amazing, and so is Swan Oyster Depot. There’s a place called Boulettes Larder in the Ferry Building, and that’s also great. I live right there, so I can just walk there.

Kimberley Lovato

San Francisco is a city that loves its food, but especially its laid-back weekend brunch, and you can barely throw an English muffin without finding a small cafe that's jammed with diners.  

Ella's on Presidio Ave and Sacramento Street has been a longtime go-to brunch, with plenty of egg options on the menu and pancakes with real Vermont maple syrup. Mmmm.

Nopa is popular dinner outing, but don't skip Brunch at this perennially popular hotspot on Divisadero Street.  Locally sourced ingredients create dishes like custard french toast with blueberry compoted, housemade bagels and granola, and oven-baked farm eggs.

A local favorite in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood is Kate's Kitchen.  Serioulsy good, home cooking at affordable (relative to the rest of SF) prices.  Eggs,  corn beef hash, French Toast---all the good stuff is represented, but I can't get enough of the cheese and green onion biscuits.   CASH ONLY.

For the ultimate laid back vibe that doesn't skimp on quality food, you must head to Outerlands, near Ocean Beach. It's good for any meal, the line up outside will tell you that, but brunch here is exceptional, especially the Dutch pancake baked in a cast iron skillet.  Order it sweet, with fresh strawberries, or savory, with bacon and syrup. Heaven!

Katie Sweeney

When it comes to the best (fill-in-the-blank) food, San Franciscans are incredibly opinionated. Everyone has a favorite place for the best pizza, fried chicken, and burger. That being said, here are my reccomendations for the best places for brunch in San Francisco.

Presidio Social Club. Quality cuisine and a down home atmosphere make this restaurant a family favorite for brunch. They have an assortment of morning cocktails that pair wonderfully with everything from the scrambled egg chilequiles to the brioche beignets.

Zazie. On a sunny weekend morning, the charming back patio at this cafe is an excellent spot for brunch. There are an assortment of Benedicts on the menu; the crab Benedict with extra runny eggs is a personal obsession. The gingerbread pancake with lemon curd is a must order.

The Grove. For a quick weekday brunch, The Grove is an ideal restaurant. There's several locations of this casual eatery around the city and all offer indoor and outdoor seating and a delicious menu of items ranging from huevos rancheros to eggs Florentine.

Foreign Cinema. Looking for an upscale somewhat fancy pants brunch? You can't beat the Mission's Foreign Cinema. It's been serving brunch to San Franciscans for twenty years, so grab a group of friends, make a reservation, and enjoy everything from the menu that includes a selction of eggs, muffins, and homemade jam.

Boulette's Larder. Located in the Ferry Building, Boulette's Larder is hyper local, super seasonal California cuisine at its best. The juice is fresh squeezed, the eggs slow poached, and the kitchen stunningly decorated.

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