What are the best restaurants in San Francisco’s Mission District?

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Kimberley Lovato

You can barely throw a fork in the Mission District without hitting a restuarant and chances are, it's pretty good. It's a neighborhood known for its Mexican cuisine and there are some great choices here for that, like longtime favorite Poncho Villa and La Taqueria (2889 Mission)

But don't limit yourself.  Here are a few other favorites.

Delfina has been a longtime classic in the neighborhood and still serves some of the city's best Italian and American comforts. Always packed, be it at outdoor tables on nice days, or huddled inside on cold ones, you can't go wrong here. Ever.  

Tartine Bakery is pardise for pastry and bread lovers. The smell of fresh cooked dough alone could satisfy your hunger (fresh loaves come out around 4:30). But better yet,  grab one of the mouth watering hot pressed sandwiches. You won't ever go back to the deli again. 

Flour + Water reminds is a quentessential gathering spot that specializes in homemade pasta, but also serves meat dishes and sauces and fresh vegetables. It's intimate and inviting, perfect for a dinner with friends or a romantic rendezvous.  And the past---oh boy---doesn't get better.

Katie Sweeney

The Mission District is arguably the best neighborhood for dining in San Francisco. There's authentic Mexican, cutting edge Chinese, award-winning Californian, unusual ice cream, exceptional pizza, and that's just naming a few types of the places! Here are my picks for the best eats in the Mission.

Hog and Rocks. This hip joint specializes in ham and oysters, hence the name hog and rocks. There's also an inventive cocktail list with a build your old-fashioned bar and plenty of inspired Southern cuisine, like pork filled tater tots and deconstructed chicken pot pie.

Locanda. This always-packed osteria offers an exceptional menu of Roman cuisine. Be sure to order several of the signature pasta dishes — they are so delicious you'll want at least two. My personal favorites? The bucatini all'amatriciana and the radiatore pecora e pecorino (lamb ragu with mint).

Beretta. What's not to love about thin-crusted pizza and superb cocktails? The two come together expertly at Beretta. With its easy to share menu, intimate seating, and low lighting, Beretta is an ideal date spot.

Other notable restaurants include Craftsman & Wolves for breakfast and pastries, Tacolicious for Mezal and tacos, Tartine for sandwiches and bread, and Foreign Cinema for upscale American food and brunch.

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