Where are the best places to go dancing in San Francisco?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Katie Sweeney

Most San Franciscans avoid the downtown club scene because it generally draws a crowd of non locals, whom natives refer to as 'bridge and tunnelers' because they enter the city by crossing a bridge or coming through a tunnel. Well known nightclubs like Ruby Sky, Harlot, Infusion Lounge, and Slide, are somewhat seedy and attract young drug-using partiers. I advise against checking them out on a weekend night.

Instead, go to a popular establishment that is known to play a mix of top 40, classic dance, and hip hop songs. The upstairs bar at Le Colonial transforms into a super fun dance floor around 10 PM on weekends. Blondies, in the Mission, is another bar that locals flock to for a great dance scene. For an outrageous night, try the Cat Club, which is known for it's lively characters and rave-like scene. If you're into hip hop and rap, Double Dutch, also in the Mission, is the ideal spot to bust a move.

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