Where is the best sake in San Francisco?

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Maria Hunt

The ancient rice beverage sake is quite fashionable these days, and San Francisco is the place to explore a fine selection of sakes.  At Nombe, an izakaya (Japanese for "drinking house") in San Francisco's Mission district, co-owner Gil Payne has complied a sake list that’s considered one of the best in the region. Nombe offers sakes ranging from the sweet and fruity nigori to nuanced and subtle junmai daiginjo. His selection goes even deeper with styles like nama, a young a fresh sake; yamahai, an acidic and bone dry sake with hints of leather and tobacco; and koshu, and aged sake that offers aromas and flaovrs of caramel and nuts. All of these styles pair well with cuisine; actually Payne says sake pairs with pizza, grilled meats and even cheese just as well as it does with tempura and sushi. If you're looking for a special bottle to take home, head to True Sake in Hayes Valley — it was the first shop devoted to sake in the U.S. And if you want to do a little tasting and learn more about how sake is made, make the trip to the Takara Sake tasting room and museum in Berkeley. 

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