What are the five best San Miguel de Allende food experiences?

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Kate Newman

San Miguel de Allende receives a great deal of attention for its world-class restaurants, many of which fuse Mexican and international cuisines. But be sure not to overlook these regional dishes, available in local restaurants like El Rincon de Don Tomas.
1. Rabo de Zorra. This hearty breakfast dish consists of eggs and ancho chiles roasted with garlic, cilantro, tomatoes and onion. 
2. Caldito San Miguel. This chicken-and-chipotle soup is a spicy, flavorful take on a classic comfort food.
3. San Miguel-style Fiambre. Fiambre is a mix of meat, fruits, and vegetables often served after the Day of the Dead. Ingredients vary widely by region. Fiambre in San Miguel de Allende is a tasty chaos of chicken, beef, and pork flavored with apple cider vinegar.
4. Pacholas Guanajuatenses. San Miguel’s pacholas are mincemeat fritters with cinnamon, clove, oregano and ancho chiles.
5. Agua de betabel. This refreshing beverage contains the juice of lime, beets, apple, banana and orange.

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