What’s the best time to visit Hotel Corque?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Michael Cervin

Before scheduling a visit to Hotel Corque, you should know that the Santa Ynez Valley and Solvang really pop in the early spring, April and May, after the winter rains cause the hills to become verdant green. The vineyards are just experiencing bud break, and the pace of the valley is slow and casual. Just like fall — also a great time to visit — the air is crisp and clean, the crowds have subsided and the sunrises and sunsets bathe the valley in amber hues. Autumn brings harvest in wine country, so it’s still a beehive of activity. True, there are more events that take place during summer. However, that also means more tourists and lines for this small village, which can easily get congested during peak summer days. So bypass the hectic in favor of the relaxed.

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