What is the design style of La Fonda on the Plaza?

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Steve Larese

Constructed in 1922, La Fonda on the Plaza is Southwestern Pueblo style, sometimes called Pueblo Deco, with elements of Spanish missions such as the bell tower and Pueblo Indian accents. Famed Harvey House architect and designer Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter is responsible for many of the Southwest and Native American motifs still in use at La Fonda. The exterior is made to look like adobe, and vigas (large logs used to support the roof) are used throughout. True to traditional New Mexico architecture, the viga ends are visible on the exterior of the building. Inside, plastered walls and Mexican tile continue the Southwestern feel, and large fireplaces with Native American designs warm public spaces and terrace suites. Wood-and-leather mission furniture with hand-carved Southwestern accents grace rooms and the lobby. Throughout the property, a collection of artwork dating to the 1930s and valued at more than $2 million speaks to Santa Fe’s longtime artistic reputation.

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