What are some things to know before visiting Santiago?

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Gabriel O’Rorke

Before hopping on the plane and heading for Santiago de Chile, here are some top tips:

1: Schedule in a good amount of time in the city. Chile's capital is often used as a stopover en route to Patagonia, Atacama or the Andes, however Santiago has a lot to offer so set aside a few days to explore the city.

2: Learn a bit of Spanish. One of the charms of South America is that not everyone speaks English. This means that English culture hasn't infiltrated as deeply as elsewhere in the globe and it makes it even more interesting for exploring. However, this also means that it pays off hugely to learn some Spanish before visiting. Even a few phrases will make a difference.

3: The metro is to be avoided at rush hour. Unless you want to get real close and personal with Chilean commuters, then plan your days so you avoid the metro during rush hour. It's packed to the brim and metroquette (metro etiquette) is nowhere near as civilised as in London, for example, where people wait obediently for everyone to get off before attempting to board. Read chaos!

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