What are the best adventure outings in Santiago?

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Gabriel O’Rorke

Surrounded by mountains and with plenty of parks to explore, Santiago is a great city for adventure outings. Head to Barrio Italia in Providencia for some rock climbing, or hike up Parque Metropolitano.
If you want a "Japanese adventure" then plan a trip to the Japanese Gardens, which were opened in 1997 by Japan's Prince Hitachi. There's a lotus pond and water wheel here, and plenty of space to get lost among the cherry trees.
Another adventure outing could be renting a bicycle from La Bicicleta Verde and exploring Santiago. There are night, day, rural and urban routes to choose from including a sunset tour down the Mapuche River.
The mini "barrios" (neighborhoods) in Santiago also make great adventure outings. Among the best are Barrio Paris-Londres and Barrio Concha y Toro. Tucked away in Downtown, both have cobbled streets and ornate houses. Visiting feels a little bit like time traveling, as they are off the beaten tourist trail and retain their untouched charm. 

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