What are the best hair salons in Santiago?

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Gabriel O’Rorke
Atelier Benoit Poirier d’Ambreville

Getting your hair cut abroad can be a massive gamble. The first obstacle in Chile is being able to describe exactly what you want in Spanish! So, let's start with a few key words:

Shot: corto
Medium: mediano
Lomg: largo
Hair stylist: peluquero
Scissors: tijeras
Layers: escalonado
Straightened: alisado
Dry hair: pelo seco
Oily hair: pelo graso

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Chile's chic elite, then there are two main studios to take note of: Be Cute in Vitacura and Atelier Benoît Poirier d’Ambreville in Bellavista.

In the former, the services of Javier Fernandez come highly recommended. Whilst the latter is a one-man-band run by the one and only Benoît Poirier d’Ambreville.

Former model, Benoît, has coiffed his way from London to Monte Carlo and New York, and now finds himself styling Santiago's most stylish (including a fair few expats, many of whom come weeping at the Frenchman's knees, begging him to fix a disastrous do inflicted on them elsewhere).

Working in a private apartment, Benoît is the master of Balayage, the French hair color technique developed in the 1970s where the color is applied by hand rather than foiling - as loved by Gisele Bundchen, Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Incidentally, this is the only salon in Chile that does Balayage. And, if color isn't your thing, then Benoît is also a master with scissors, hair styling and blow dries - he even does one-on-one lessons if you want to perfect your skills with a D.I.Y. blowdry.

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