What are the best hidden restaurants in Santiago?

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Gabriel O’Rorke
Gabriel O'Rorke

Hidden restaurants have become a popular concept in Buenos Aires, but in Santiago they are still new and number very few!

DUGNAD is leading the way with "cenas esconditas", or hidden restaurants / dinners in Chile. Originally a pop-up restaurant open on Sundays for lunch and dinner, this new food concept run by a group of artists now takes place three times a week at hidden locations.

A maximum of twelve guests can dine at any given seating, and they will enjoy a surprise menu that spans at least eight courses. The dishes are imaginative and beautifully presented, for example toasted flour, smoked egg yoke and artichoke, followed by Chilean Rey fish with mushrooms accompanied by a tempura fish skeleton for decoration (see image above).

The last courses are reserved for desserts, such as citrus and gin crushed ice followed by deconstructed creme brulee and meringue. They also do a very unusual chocolate with bacon desert.

The DUGNAD menu costs CLP $19,000 per person. For reservations contact: contacto.dugnad@gmail.com or visit: https://www.facebook.com/productodugnad

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