What are the best Italian restaurants in Santiago?

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Gabriel O’Rorke

Good Italian food is one of the basics you need on-hand in any given city. There are days when nothing else hits the spot like a big bowl of steaming pasta. Like most capital cities, Santiago has its fair share of Italian eateries. Here are two of the best:

Best make a reservation if you want to avoid standing around for half-an-hour. It's popularity is a testament to its quality of cooking, and especially to the pizza. Thin crusts, crisp to perfection and with generous toppings, these are some of the best pizzas in town. They also serve a fine calzone.

Da Noi:
It makes sense that Barrio Italia, the Italian neighborhood, should serve some of the best Italian food. Da Noi is one of those great family-run neighborhood eateries where you glimpse into the kitchen to see a big mama in a floury apron throwing pizza dough through the air. Seating pours onto the pavement on sunny days, and fresh artisan pastas are the speciality here.

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