What are the best local dishes in Santiago?

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Gabriel O’Rorke

From shellfish to sausages, here are some of the city's best local dishes:

Seafood: With 4,000 miles of Pacific Ocean bordering Chile, many dishes include fish and shellfish - think soup or stew with clams, mussels or a fillet of conger eel. Head to the Mercado Central near Plaza de Armas where you can see and sample all kinds of seafood.

Humitas: These are maiz cakes wrapped in corn husks, steamed or boiled. Found only in summer, they are a great snack found in markets and street stalls.

Cazuela: Chunks of meat or chicken with vegetables (corn, pumpkin and onion) in a clear broth. This local delicacy is found in markets and restaurants.

Mote con Huesillos: Almost every street corner has a stall selling this cold juice with dried peaches and sugary poured over barley. Sounds strange, but it's refreshing and nutritious (if a little sweet).

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