What are the best Pilates studios in Santiago?

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Gabriel O’Rorke

Santiago is the place to do Pilates. There are several very well-kitted out studios dotted across the Chilean capital. However, when it comes to quality of teaching, one studio rises above the others: The Place.

For true attention to detail, dedicated one-on-one teaching, and instructors who really know what they're talking about, The Place is the best Pilates studio in Santiago. Located on the famous Avenida Nueva Costanera in Barrio Vitacura, the light and airy studio is run by Carlota Bouquet and Keka Lamarca.

Teachers of the original Pilates method - as invented by Joseph Pilates himself - the dynamic duo take both private and group mat classes. True Pilates passionistas, Keka and Carlota learnt their craft from the world's best instructors and have practiced across the world, including in New York, Chicago and London.

Welcoming, varied and very challenging, classes at The Place are for dedicated students who want to make a real difference to their bodies. Yes, sit-ups are involved and at times your body will shake and ache, but as the saying goes "pain is gain" and becoming a bendy beauty takes work.

(Photograph of Keka Lamarca by Alfonsina Riffo, Mujer Magazine, La Tercera Newspaper)

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