What are the best places to buy shoes in Santiago?

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Gabriel O’Rorke

There's no shortage of shoe shops in Santiago. Be it Argentine handmade leather shoes in Barrio Italia, international brands at the Costanera Center or designer shoes up in Vitacura where Alonso de Cordova is a street laden with high-end stores from Salvatore Ferragamo to Louis Vuiton and Hermes.

As well as courtyards full of boutique shops selling original shoes, Barrio Italia also has a new Sunday market, Domingo Feria where individual designers sell their shoes. But the courtyards have the largest selection of footwear, ranging from boots to high heels, wedges and platforms. Much of which is imported from fashion-conscious Buenos Aires in neighboring Argentina.

Meanwhile, up at the Costanera Center there are endless selections of shoes, not least in the larger shops like Falabella, as well as international chains like H&M and Nine West. Lastly, if you walk down Avenida Providencia, especially around Metro Los Liones, there are several shoe shops selling boots of all shapes, sizes and lengths.

One thing is for sure, you won't be shoeless in Santiago! 

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