What are the best things to do in Santiago?

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From the emerging gallery scene of Barrio Brasil to the stunning vies from Parque Metropolitano, there's plenty to keep you occupied while getting to know Santiago. Here are five ways to get to know the city a bit better:
1. Visit Cerro San Cristóbal. Also known as the Parque Metropolitano, this is the city's largest expanse of green space, and it's known for its funicular and cable cars, which allow you to take in the best views in the city while also traversing the expanse of the park itself. Don’t forget your camera, and consider planning your visit to coincide with sunrise or sunset on a particularly smog-free day.
2. Shop at Mercado Central. While you might not expect a trip to the local fish market to make your to-do list, this is a great way for travelers to experience the pace of the city and try some of its world-famous seafood. For those who don't plan on shucking their own oysters and filleting their own fish, there are plenty of food stalls to order up fresh fish.
3. Explore La Chascona. Combine your trip to the booming Bellavista neighborhood with a bit of literary history by visiting the former haunt of Pablo Neruda. When he was particularly stressed or experiencing writer's block, Neruda retreated to this colorful urban oasis. You can get to know more about him by taking a guided tour (in English), though it's also fun to just wander about.
4. Experience new Santiago in Bellavista. This neighborhood is a dizzying combination of upscale boutiques, brand-new gallerie, and some of the city's best new restaurants. In short, this forward-thinking enclave of Santiago is an ideal place to spend an entire afternoon.
5. Meander Barrio Brasil. Travelers interested in international graffiti, eclectic dance nights, and rubbing shoulders with the creative class will find more than enough to do in this diverse neighborhood.

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