What are the best wine bars in Santiago?

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Gabriel O’Rorke
Liguria Tobalaba

Despite Chile's position as the world's fifth largest exporter, and the ninth largest producer of wine, the concept of 'wine by the glass' is still relatively new in Santiago. There are, however, a few fantastic wine bars in the city, here are three of the best:

Baco: Tucked back a little from the main row of shops along this quiet Providencia street, it's easy to miss Baco (in fact I lived opposite for a month and didn't spot it until someone pointed it out). But once you've found this great spot it'll soon become a favorite. Much bigger than you expect, the wooden planked walls are lined with boxes from local Chilean wineries. There's seating inside and out, and wine by the glass comes with a little paper wrapped round the stem reminding you what you're drinking. It fills up in the evenings, so it's worth booking.
Calle Nueva de Lyon 113, Providencia - Metro Los Leones

Liguria: There are three Liguria Wine Bars in Santiago, two in Providencia and one up in Las Condes next to Tobalaba Metro. The eccentric menu has wine alongside the food it goes with so you may have to flick back and forth a few times before you make sense of it. There are so many bottles of wine behind the bar in the Tobalaba one, that there's a ladder to reach the ones at the top. Service is good, and it's a place with plenty of character.
Manuel Montt; Pedro de Valdivia; Tobalaba 

BocaNariz: BocaNariz is a small wine bar on a small street in Lastarria. There are a few tables on the pavement, and folding back doors so you never feel cooped up. It's always busy, so make sure you book if you want a table by the window (the back room doesn't have quite the same atmosphere). The best thing about BocaNariz is that you are given 'flights' which consist of three small glasses of wine selected by theme - think mountain, sea or valley. This is a great place for meeting friends, drinking wine and sharing tapas-style food.
Jose Victorino Lastarria 276

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