What is the weather like right now in Santiago?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Gabriel O’Rorke

Winter in Santiago can be chilly (yes, this is the source of many a joke) with temperatures frequently dipping down to zero at night. You need a good winter jacket, gloves and scarf when setting out in the early morning or evenings.

However, as the sun rises each day - of course there are cloudy days, and the odd rainy day, but more often than not the sun comes out - the temperature climbs and you will find yourself shedding layers.

A good way to sum up the climate is to say that year round - be it December or June - you can eat lunch outside in Santiago. In the winter, the Andes Mountains that tower over the city are covered in snow, but down in the city the temperatures are warm enough to wander around with a jumper in the middle of the day.

This July, in fact, temperatures have reached 24 degrees centigrade, not very wintery for mid winter!

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