Where are the best cocktails in Santiago?

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Gabriel O’Rorke

One's view as to what is the best cocktail can depend on one's mood and the company shared. Sometimes, you find you go back and order that very same drink, but it's never quite the same as that first memory. However, there are some drinks that touch your lips never to be forgotten.

In Santiago these exceptional cocktails include the following:

Pisco Sour at Olan: This Peruvian resrtaurant in Providencia serves the perfect frozen, thick, lemony pisco sours. 

Passionfruit Sour at the Ritz-Carlton: More like a sorbet than a drink, this fruity aperitif has blueberries on top and a delicious passion fruit ting.

Pisco Trio at Sukalde: Why have one when you can have three? The Sukalde aperitif includes three varieties of Pisco Sour: merken (a local spice), rica rica (a herb from Atacama) and calafate (a Patagonian liquor). Read more about Sukalde here.

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