What are the five best Santorini food experiences?

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Marissa Tejada

Santorini’s unique vibe extends to its food. The volcanic soil helps to produce local products — wine, fava, cherry tomatoes, white eggplants—that are unlike any you’ve had before. Here are five food experiences Forbes Travel Guide recommends having in Santorini:
1. Vinsanto chocolates. Combine sweet wine and sweet chocolate, and you’ll get this little dessert truffle. The Estate Argyros makes a popular version of this island original. You can visit the winery to pick up the chocolates and a few bottles of wine.
2. White eggplants. Most people have never seen this white veggie before. It’s sweeter than its darker cousin and incorporated into many dishes on the island.
3. Fava dip and tomato balls. You can order these appetizers at nearly any traditional tavern on the island. Santorini’s fava (similar to hummus) is often sprinkled with fresh capers and olive oil, while the island’s fried tomato balls are often made using delicious local cherry tomatoes.
4. Winetasting. Wine is widely produced on the island, and there are several award-winning wineries that offer tours and tastings. Must-tries include the sweet amber-colored dessert wine vinsanto and white wines made with assyrtiko grapes.
5. Fish by the sea. You can’t leave the island without eating some fresh fish by the sea. Whether you are at a bay or at the beach, the experience is an authentic part of Greek island life.

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