Where is the best shopping in Sanya?

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Melanie Nayer

There are plenty of shopping opportunities in Sanya, where you can browse everything from seawater pearls to boutique fashion. Be sure to stop by these three spots recommended by our Forbes Travel Guide editors for the best shopping in Sanya.
1. Pearl Market. Most stores have pearls for sale, but be sure to get the real thing – imitation pearls abound, particularly from vendors crawling the beach. If you’re not sure how to spot a fake, bring a local guide with you, or first pay a visit to the Haiyu Pearl Factory, where you can learn about the pearl cultivation process and know you’re buying the real thing. Many Chinese women believe that pearls have extensive beauty benefits, so you’ll likely see pearls and pearl powders available in various lotions, too. These powders work like aloe vera, which is great when you need to relieve a sunburn after a long day at the beach.
2. Jiefang Road. The pedestrian-only Jiefang Road is the best place to fill out your fashion wardrobe and to poke around clusters of boutiques and shops offering everything from electronic appliances to makeup.
3. Fish Markets. If you don’t mind the pungent smell, take a walk through Sanya’s fish markets. First Market is where you’ll find live fish and poultry, as well as spices, cooking demos, cookbooks and kitchenware. This is where many local chefs shop for ingredients used in their restaurants.

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