What is the design style of Fairmont Scottsdale Princess?

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John Conway

Like Fairmont’s properties, the design of Fairmont Scottsdale Princess reflects the culture, colors and architecture of its location. Designed in the Spanish Colonial style, the resort features the traditional cupola, red-tile roofs, open hallways, arched walls and entryways, wrought iron railings, expansive plazas, tile flooring and high ceilings. Recently repainted, the Princess wears an off-white dress with desert sage and slate gray accents. Flowers accessorize the walls. Desert landscaping, and grassy areas ribbon the open areas throughout the property, which also features a pond, fishing lagoon and stream. Water features that transform into fire displays at night are found throughout the property.

The style is on grand display at the arrival area. A wide driveway with a covered greeting area joins a tiled hallway leading into the main lobby. Guests walk through handheld open doors beneath a beautiful tile mosaic of a succulent flower. Painted and disassembled in Mexico, the artwork was transported and reassembled in its prominent welcoming space. Inside, a chandelier is suspended above a table adorned with yellow roses in tall glass stems, an indication of the quality and attention guests will experience.

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