What are the best things to see and do in Scottsdale?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Well, one of the reasons we moved here was for the golf. Golf and the weather, I would say, are the main reasons people come here in the wintertime. What people don’t know about Scottsdale is that it is really, really known for horses. It’s known for people that do dressage, for roping and the rodeo. So, for horses, they have a lot of big horse shows here. The third thing, obviously, I think is the outdoor sports: biking, hiking and being very active.

A lot of people come here because of the different kinds of social things to do. There are a lot of bikers. We live in North Scottsdale, and in [nearby] Cave Creek there are high-end Harley bars and places to go watch football games and just hang out. A lot of people like riding out here. And when I say riding, I mean motorcycles. They do a lot of outdoor sports. I’m trying to think of what else Arizona is known for. Just general lifestyle things. Scottsdale/Phoenix is a great place to live. Sports are another thing. We have all the major sports: basketball, hockey, football and baseball. It’s kind of a spread-out city, but it is very, very active.

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