What are the best kids activities in Seattle?

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Megan Hill

Families visiting Seattle have plenty of options to keep the kids entertained. Head to the Seattle Center and check out the Pacific Science Center. Much of the center is geared towards children, but the hands-on exhibits (which include a fascinating naked mole rat colony and a butterfly house) are exciting for adults, too.

The Seattle Aquarium is another must-do for families with children. You immediately walk in to view a huge fish tank, and that alone can keep the kiddos transfixed for a good while. There's also a giant pacific octopus tank -- watch him creepily shift positions and change colors. And finally, head outside to see native otters and seals frolick in open-air exhibits.

If it's warm enough, bring the kids to Wild Waves theme park, where they can cool off and expend some energy on the various rides.

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