What should I pack for a trip to Seattle?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Charyn Pfeuffer

Seattle visitors should be ready for anything when visiting Seattle. Trust me, it doesn’t rain as much as its stereotype would have you believe. But it does sprinkle (not umbrella worthy in most cases), and depending upon where you are in the city, temperatures can fluctuate a bit. We are situated on and surrounded by several bodies of water after all. I advise visitors to pack a waterproof layer and umbrella if you’re so inclined (though if you use it, you will be immediately pegged as a tourist). Seattle also has some hilly neighborhoods and if you’re someone who likes to walk, be sure to pack some comfy sneakers or walking shoes. It really is a great city to explore on foot. If you want to take public transportation, bring some small bills and change for our busses – they do not take credit cards. Lastly, pack layers and take an extra layer with you when you’re out exploring. If there’s one thing that Seattleites like to do is take advantage of its outdoor spaces and patios when weather allows – even when temperatures lean toward the chilly side.

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