What are the five best Seychelles food experiences?

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Janelle Schroeder

Food in the Seychelle islands comes with a modern Creole flair, but you’ll also find plenty of restaurants serving a variety of cuisines influenced by the surrounding cultures Africa and India. Our Forbes Travel Guide editors have rounded up the five best Seychelles food experiences not to miss:
1. Breadfruit. Breadfruit — which has a nutty flavor and is eaten in a variety of ways from fried to boiled — is so popular in the Seychelles, there’s also a saying that goes with it. The rumor is that anyone who eats breadfruit while on the islands will someday return — eat up, and enjoy. 
2. Seafood curry. It makes sense that in a country Seychelles, sea creatures make an appearance on most menus and in most homes. But the best thing about Seychelles is the way the seafood is prepared — try the carii coco, based in coconut cream. It sounds basic, but is out of this world.
3. Tea. Visit the Tea Plantation and Tavern in Mahe, which provides tours demonstrating how tea is made, as well as samples of the many flavors produced. Don’t forget to buy some and bring it home to your tea-loving friends.
4. Coco d’Amour. A local favorite, this tropical coconut liquor is made with real coconut extract and features the famous coco-de-mer-shaped bottle. Ask a bartender for a coconut-flavored cocktail and enjoy a taste of the islands.
5. Millionaire’s Salad. Different from the marshmallow and fruit version popular in the U.S., this salad’s main ingredient is heart of palm, which requires an entire tree to be cut down to harvest the small heart.

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