What are the five best amenities for kids at Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel?

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Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel has more of a business focus, but that doesn’t mean it can’t accommodate children well. Here are the best amenities for your little ones at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel:

1. The infinity pool. The hotel’s infinity pool allows kids to splash around before…

2. Checking out the attached inner courtyard. It has a garden with a pagoda and fountains.

3. The movie theater. Once they’re worn out, head to the attached movie theater, which seats more than 1,000 and has seven cinemas and a 4-D screen.

4. The rooftop terrace. Featuring barbecue pits and a stage, this is an awesome venue for a special birthday party during the spring or fall.

5. The lobby and common spaces. Parents can enjoy a meal or afternoon tea while kids will love the musical performances, cultural activities and huge LCD sky installation on the ceiling that displays images of dragons, butterflies or fireworks (depending on the time of day and season).

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