Is CHAR Bar & Grill a romantic restaurant?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Steakhouse restaurants don’t always conjure up images of romantic meals, but CHAR Bar & Grill at Hotel Indigo Shanghai is an exception. First, the interior is a bit more feminine than your old-school steakhouse. Textured granite walls and metal mesh curtains are softened by chairs upholstered in a contemporary floral pattern and beautiful pots and pans hanging from a wall panel. Then there’s the impressive and quirky presentation of the food. It’s not every day your fish entrée comes with a paintbrush so you can put on as many coats of the sauce as you’d like, or that your server presents you with a wooden box containing gorgeous knives with different handles for cutting your steak. It’s these kind of interactive elements that make this steakhouse fresh and fun. Meanwhile, the food is excellent (so it’s not all just show). Finally, the view seals the deal. It’s hands-down one of the best in Shanghai and is available from pretty much every seat in the house. With a 270-degree outlook over Shanghai’s Huangpu River, the historic buildings of the Bund and the forest of skyscrapers that is Pudong, you’re sure to enjoy a special and romantic night.

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