What is the food presentation like at CHAR Bar & Grill?

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The food presentation at CHAR Bar & Grill is a real highlight. Unlike many traditional steakhouses, where the food presentation can be a little predictable, executive chef Julie Donohoe conjures up playful food presentations that add an element of interactivity to your meal. The popular black cod, for example, is served on a long plate with a paintbrush so you can “paint” the star anise and lime syrup on the fish yourself. Steaks are served on rectangular slate plates, with perhaps a few bright red tomatoes nestled on the vine, a small white pot of sauce and a variety of exotic salts. When you order a steak, the waiter will also present you with a large, handsome wooden box of six gorgeous handcrafted knives from around the world for you to choose from. Another fun presentation is the custom-made box that’s used to serve the signature banana cheesecake. The cheese box even has a paper wrapping and makes for a handy to-go box.

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