What are some of the specialty cocktails available at Inagiku?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Inagiku is more about straight up drinks than specialty cocktails. There are 13 different types of sake available, which range in price from RMB130 (US$20) for a bottle of house sake all the way up to RMB5260 (US$835) for an 1800 ml (60 oz.) bottle of Kamatsura. There is also a selection of shochus and whiskies, which seem to be popular among the general clientele. That said, they do offer two signature sake cocktails — one called Ine, flavored with green tea, red bell pepper juice, vanilla syrup and lime juice; and another named Kiku, which comes frothed up with egg whites and flavored with chrysanthemum tea. Both East-meets-West cocktails are incredibly unique in flavor. If neither of these tickles your fancy, a friendly bartender will be more than happy to mix something to your taste.

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