What are the table settings like at Inagiku?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Like the design of the restaurant, the table settings of Inagiku are mostly about minimalism. Aside from a neatly folded napkin, a pair of dark chopsticks and a single strip of taupe fabric running down the middle, your wooden table will be otherwise unadorned. As your food begins to arrive, the cutlery and dishes will start to become more interesting, as each is tailored to the type of food being served. Perhaps you’ll have a delicate bowl of egg custard nesting inside an elaborate porcelain bowl, paired with a tiny spoon. Tempura comes in a boat-shaped red-lacquered dish over a sheet of paper to whisk away any oil. Sushi or sashimi rests on a plate of chilled marble. This attention to detail adds to the experience.

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