What is the kaiseki menu like at Inagiku?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The kaiseki menus at Inagiku are set up to allow master chef Shinji Morihara to highlight his abilities in the kitchen and show off his freshest and most seasonal ingredients. While he’s happy to take into account any dietary restrictions you might have, if possible it’s best to just allow him to work his magic. A typical kaiseki menu offers an appetizer, steamed custard, raw fish course, soup or stew, fried dishes, grilled dishes, a palate cleanser and dessert. They come out in a dizzying parade, each dish big enough to satisfy your taste buds but small enough so that you somehow always have room for the next one. By the time you’re digging into the light desserts, you’ll feel like you’re been on a long and pleasant journey through the bounties of the season.

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