What vegetarian and vegan dishes does Inagiku offer?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The menu at Inagiku is so diverse that vegans and vegetarians could easily have a delicious and well-balanced meal. However, it’s important that you’re very specific about your dietary restrictions. Vegetarianism is not common among the Chinese and veganism is hardly heard of — while Asian food is generally low on dairy products, the cuisine uses a lot of eggs as a binder, garnish or main event. For a surefire no-animal-product meal, order vegetable tempura, which doesn’t use eggs. There is also a plethora of vegetables that you can order a la carte off the teppanyaki grill, though keep in mind that there is no designated spot where only vegetables are cooked away from meat. Many of the side dishes are both vegetarian and vegan and if you order a chef’s choice menu, you’re sure to get loads of interesting vegetables. Just be sure to drive home the point that you consider a dried fish garnish against your eating habits, so they’re sure not to serve it to you.

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