Who is the pastry chef at Inagiku?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Multi-talented as he is, executive chef Shinji Morihara also acts as the pastry chef at Inagiku. There’s nothing extravagant in the sweets he creates, which is what makes them so refreshing. Here, desserts act as a subtle endnote to the main event, a way to cleanse your palate and get a breath of fresh air after a long meal. These simple indulgences change frequently with the season. In fact, the only constant on dessert menu is a range of light ice creams in flavors such as earthy sesame, tart vanilla or a delicate black tea. There’s also a choice of daily-assorted fruit and daily-assorted desserts. While they might be anything from matcha cake to fruit drizzled with coconut cream, they’re all guaranteed to be airy and refreshing.

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