What are the desserts like at Jin Xuan?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Like many Asian restaurants, the desserts at Jin Xuan are light and not too sweet, focusing on fruit and natural ingredients that won’t leave you feeling weighed down at the end of the meal. Though they are simple, much care goes into their preparation. In one dish, a single whole pear is double boiled (in the traditional Cantonese way of making soups) until the fruit is nearly translucent and soft but still maintains its shape and texture. The pear comes in a bowl of lightly sweet syrup studded with nutritious goji berries and scented with tangerine skin. For something more invigorating, a bowl of herbal jelly cubes studded with ginseng is a more intriguing, traditional choice. Don’t expect fireworks at dessert, just well-crafted creations that will ease you into the end of the meal.

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