What is the chef at Jin Xuan's food philosophy?

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Executive chef Ooi Soon Lok has a very strong base in classic Cantonese cuisine. This means that he goes to great lengths to source only the best, freshest ingredients to put into his dishes. A simple double-boiled chicken soup uses free-range black chicken, which infuses the incredibly clear broth with a wild, deep aroma. A simple dish of black-pepper beef gets an upgrade with cubes of Wagyu beef imported from Australia. Vegetables are seasonal and cooked in a way that sets off their freshness and natural flavor. Even a simple bowl of seafood fried rice uses fine rice grains and translucent shrimp that taste like they were just pulled from the sea. Lok is also very playful: The aforementioned dish of seasonal vegetables is magnificently presented in the shape of a fan, so the colors pop and you’ll not want to ruin the artistic display.

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